Web Development in Chandigarh Made Easy—All you need to know

A lot goes into Website development in Chandigarh. Starting from website wireframe, design, development to maintenance, the website development company in Chandigarh avails you with the user-friendly, SEO-compatible, and economical website solutions. The needs and requirements for the website development are unique for different businesses. Hence, a dedicated website development cycle is followed to avoid the ambiguities and streamline the process. The cycle makes the website development easy and quick.

Website Development Cycle

Stage 1: Research and Analysis

This stage is about determining and researching the factors responsible for your future website development. Strategizing your goals and aligning them with expertise, the best web development company in Chandigarh finalizes the appropriate website platform that suits your budget and business type.

Stage 2: Wireframe and Sitemap of the Website

You get an entire picture of how your website will look and perform with proper navigation. You get the user interface without the design elements. You also confirm the programming language, framework, and CMS for the website. After you confirm the wireframe, the web development company in Chandigarh locks the sitemap and proceeds to the next stage.

Stage 3: Website Design and Development

Keeping the targeted users’ interest intact, all the visual content like images, photos, and video is created at first. Actual graphic designing of your website takes place. The layout is prepared with the dummy text to give you the clear picture of the content structure and site functionality. Again, your approval will be required to take the process of the Website Development in Chandigarh further.

Stage 4: Content writing

Creation of catchy headlines, text editing, writing new content, and call-to-action take place. This takes time and efforts. The homepage is created at first and later the rest subpages are added in accordance with the website hierarchy. The best web Development Company in Chandigarh at this phase implements the CMS and required Framework to ensure the smooth installation of the website on the server. During the mock-up, all the static webpage elements are designed and tested. Customized features and interactivity are now added. The Web Development Company in Chandigarh also enquires whether or not you want the website to be SEO-friendly. If yes, the SEO optimization elements like Title, Keywords, Description, etc, are added.

Step 5: Test and Launch

Every link of the website undergoes stringent testing for any broken links. The whole website is thoroughly checked for typos, code flaws, and browser compatibility. After testing, it’s now time to upload the website to the server. The FTP software is used for this purpose. When you choose to go for Website Development in Chandigarh, the company you hire performs one final test to check all the files are installed correctly and follow the web standards.

Step 6: Maintenance and Updating

This includes checking for bugs, fixing them, and keeping the website up-to-date.

Keep one thing in mind, the Web Development in Chandigarh doesn’t start with coding and end with the launch. A profound and deep analysis at every stage is the key to success. Importantly, the post-launch stage is of more significance. It is important to make your project agile and versatile enough to take-up all the possible challenges for the futuristic changes.


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