What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You about Website Design and Planning?

Designing a new website is like building a new house. When the domain name gets registered, it merely appears like buying a new property land. For your new house, a strong foundation, solid protected walls, appealing colors, security doors and windows, appropriate rooms, etc, goes into planning. You plan your website in the same way you plan building your new home. We see a lot more beautiful houses in the neighborhood and get inspired and develop the one with the desirable features. We hunt for things that look impressive but are not expensive. A clear art of creativity wins here. The same happens to the website. We hire the best Web Development Company in Chandigarh and pay high fees to the developers. However, if not planned properly the things can fall apart. On the other hand, unlike our house, the website is for business and we expect a return from it. Therefore, a well-planned strategy for Website design and development is essential.

What kind of Website do you want?

There are a few website categories to consider.

  • Corporate Websites– An attractive way of information sharing, focusing company’s services, products, and contact details with the help of graphics and text.
  • Informational Websites-A 4 to 5 pages website, which can work as an online business card, listing line of services, contact details, etc.
  • Blogs– it is the powerful, attractive, and engaging option for information sharing.
  • Social networking sites– A simple example is Facebook, the same platform can be created for managing business affairs.
  • Personal Blogs-They are mostly the blogs created for personality or celebrity to host personal achievement, experiences, and life stories.
  • eCommerce Websites-The most expensive website to create and manage. It caters to the expensive task of selling online, like Flipkart.

Three prerequisites to consider

  1. Domain Name
    When you bought a land, you have bought the postal address, the pincode, and the city area, which will be unique. There is no way someone else can have the same address. You own that address in the entire world. In the same way, a domain name is the unique address of your website, which cannot match with anyone else’s address.
  2. Hosting Server
    Hosting Server is a land you bought. You can build an empire, a small house, office, school or a building; your address remains the same. Similarly, no matter whatever you plan to build on your website, it will be hosted on the server. And, whenever the address is searched, it will automatically reach this destination and show your nicely built website.
  3. Website Design and Development
    You have land and address, so, now is the time to build your home, office, or new building. Your domain name is the essential part of the website. It must contain your company name. Finding the domain name is a challenge unless you have a peculiar name. A little brainstorming is required here. You seek help from the best web designing company in Chandigarh for domain name registering and finalizing. You can try the combination of English and the national language of your targeted audience, and make it catchy and easier to remember. You can even try domain name suggestion tool for your name.

Which Domain Extension is the best?

Because users are more comfortable using .com, often it is considered as the best domain extension. Extensions are the abbreviation of the words that categorize the websites based on them. Let’s study a few of them.

.com- Used for commercial activities, mostly for businesses of different nature.

.net-It stands for networking, involve companies with hosting, internet related services.

.info- information related websites

.org- mostly NGOs and websites for social cause are registered under this.

.biz-this notifies that it is a business website with less commercial activities.

.tv- it stands for TV-related websites and the services

The above-mentioned are the unrestricted domains and can be registered from anywhere. Also, there are local domains and government domains as well. You cannot use them unless you have the local presence. If you have come so far reading, then let’s talk about the next part of the website planning process. Let’s talk with the best web designers in Chandigarh and get started!

What are Infographics? Why it is the essential part of Content Marketing Strategy?

What are Infographics?

Infographics are the compelling communication medium to represent complex information in a graphical form that enhances user engagement. They are the mix of content, graphics, and data analysis on the given subject. Infographics can be created for any topic, provided an in-depth analysis and visual interpretation should be carried with the utmost professionalism. They convert the complex data into engaging storytelling. Many businesses have chosen Infographics an effective medium to market their services and products. However, there is one catch here. Yet impactful, the text and design are still the imperfect methods of communication when it comes to abstract and complicated concepts. However, combining each medium’s strength and diminishing the weaknesses, Infographics can be the medium for effective communication. For this taking help from the Graphic Design Agency will be fruitful.  Apart from this, there are a few reasons to why one must consider it as the essential part of Content Marketing Strategy.

Infographics are visually Rich

According to a web designing company in Chandigarh, more than 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is in visual form. Where the attention span for an ordinary user is very short, Infographics can be the ultimate medium to give out your message loud and clear. Unlike the traditional method of reading the entire paragraph for fetching the information, Infographics provide a quick scanning for your content.

Users will love to Share them

The bright and colorful information evokes a sense of pleasure. The graphics quickly grab the users’ attention and they effortlessly process the information. There are more chances of sharing on social media and building more concrete links.

A great Awareness tool

Whether it is a new service or a product launch, including all the online marketing activities, investing in Infographics can amaze you with the results. The visuals used in illustrations of the content can easily convey your message, and your brand stays for longer time in their memory. But, ensure that the Infographics are professionally designed. For ideas and inspiration, you can scour through some of the popular websites.

People believe Infographics are the extension of authentic information otherwise, why would anyone spend such a great amount of time, talent, and effort. They are certain that the Infographics are created with intent for sharing information than buying the audience.

They become easily viral

Unlike the usual content, Infographics can become popular in lesser time. The best website designer in Chandigarh notifies that owing to the fact they have a high tendency of social media sharing, every day the production of Infographics is increased by 1%. This makes world inclined more towards graphically-rich content than the long-textual blogs. Without any sense of doubt, such posts become viral in no time.

The website developer in Chandigarh believes, when it comes to user engagement and retention, a perfect amalgamation of graphic and text is essential. Perfection to Professionalism, the best web development company in Chandigarh keeps it clear, simplified, and engaging. Hence, taking an expert advice before planning your very first Inforgraphic is imperative.

How to deal with Copycats and Competition- Stay ahead with Top 3 Ways

Imagine you occur to visit a site, which looks familiar with the same color combination and navigation structure. Someone has copied your design. The blood drains from your face and it hit you in the gut. Design, navigation to content copying all happen more than you can imagine. Every minute, every second, some or the other thing gets copied. However, what is more challenging is to differ who created it first, when it comes to competition. When the others easily get the benefits, how to ensure you are on the very fruitful way to get the potential leads? Well, just for you, here are the top 3 ways to ensure you hit the market right with the most authentic positioning, enjoying the targeted market benefits.

They can copy your stuff, but not your mind, your creativity, or your story. So, keep yourself inspired, be happy, because people copy things that are famous! Think again.

1. Accept the Copy fact

Make your design copyright protected or mark protection for services, do everything, but your default positioning will not protect you. Others will find the way around it, and can make imitation a sincere form of flattery. Caution that some can even ignore you causing the lawsuit. Know that what is copied can be considered as imitation at any given time. Hence, becoming aware of this fact will help you prepare for such uncertainties. Accept the fact, and move on. You can partner with legitimate team of professional website developer in Chandigarh, and stay ahead with the back plan.

2. Never Underestimate the Competition

They will be relentless, hard, and faster than you can think. They may create better than your original design. The best web development company in Chandigarh suggested that ignoring them and hoping that market will reward you for being original is not a safe play. Always remember pioneers get attacked from back. Hence, never underestimate the competition.

3. Innovation is safe and original

The best web designing company in Chandigarh asks to improve your existing product and service with fast innovation. Keep that changing and evolving. Add new services to your line. One way to do is staying close to your customers and they will let you know what they require next. Pay attention to every detail your customer tells. This will help you create built-in market for your next product or service.

Do not play the price-game. Never compete on low-price. It is a loser’s game. There will be someone with the lower price than yours, simply to buy your market share. Hence, stay secure and play safe; partner with web designing company in Chandigarh and ensure that you lead by innovation.

5 Problems everyone has with outdated website design – How to Solved Them

Often when it comes to your website, time is limited. Every second someone is visiting or abandoning your website for some failing reasons. Unless you give them a valid reason to stay on your website and stick around for more, they will soon be gone. Lackluster websites lower the interest of the visitors and enhance the bounce rate of the website. Maybe it is just fine with the visitor to check every page, one by one, especially if it is a Press Release or another event-driven content. However, if you are looking forward for lasting relationship with the visitor, with a hope of conversion, then one and done won’t help.

  1. Mobile incompatibility
    Being responsive is a huge deal nowadays, with mobile being ubiquitous. This can be a pain to fix, especially if you realize your website is not responsive after the launch. It becomes oblivious to rank high on Google Search Results. The only solution is to seek help from a website designer in Chandigarh, which is a wise choice and is affordable too. The professionalism and work-of-a-genius is guaranteed.
  2. Uncertain about Target Audience
    What you call a website without goal? Well, we call it a total waste of time, money, and talent. All such website can welcome is higher outlay and maintenance cost. Website must be designed with clear vision for the targeted audience. Irrelevant and random content make no sense to the visitor who may have higher hopes for the content authenticity and quality. Have a core focus on your website to create original content geared-up for the certain targeted audience. Before you make your website, establish your audience first, and then create content projecting on them. The best web development company in Chandigarh can help you list the keywords mostly searched by your targeted audience. You can now create keyword-focused content.
  3. Outdated Design
    Your design may have be an impeccable one in 2008. It has header, a big banner for information, sidebars, and quality pictures. But, guess what? What have worked for you in past, may not work in present. It is the time to refresh your design elements. The time changes and result advances, and in between your website is becoming old every day. It may become obsolete, so to speak. It doesn’t fit in here. The layout of the pages has evolved, and even the technology giants are breaking up content into smaller and engaging digestible bits.
  4. Use of Stock Images and Icons

Looking at the repeated images and icons can easily drive away the trust factor. For example, consider that picture of desk with pen, books, and an Apple Mac. Such images are shared around a lot among businesses of the same kind. Hence, you need to be vigilant. What you can do in this case is hire a website designer in Chandigarh and get the original images designed just for your website. Look no further. Remember that the same images on multiple sites can erode the trust of your brand.

5. Broken links can break the trust

404 errors are some of the most frustrating ones to encounter as a user. It is very clear that there is helpful information behind the link, but what one witness on clicking never encourages him/her to lookout for more on your website in future. Unfortunately, broken links tend to pileup in no time. This requires deleting such pages which are irrelevant and worthless. Locating and removing the links are mind-bending task and you may require technical help. The best website designer in Chandigarh can should for help and can mend your broken links with expertise.

The Takeaways

If you are creating the website for the first time, learn from the above-mentioned mistakes. Hiring the best team on board can bring a massive relief for the major roadblocks on the website. The web development in Chandigarh is ever-evolving. The website designers in Chandigarh are experienced and soaked with creativity. Get rid of such pitfall errors and partner with an authentic team of experts.

A Full-proof Plan to get your Logo Accepted

A design work requires more than just creative ideas and technical skills. A designer is bound to be a Strategist, Marketing analyst, Salesperson, Project Manager, and Showman, all at the same time. The task of the designer is much more difficult followed by numerous sessions of excitement and challenges. This article covers the tips and tricks to streamline the logo design process. The steps are proven and tested. This will help in improving the branding projects.

Consider this scenario:

You just received a query for Logo Design. The client is asking for your creative help. Then, you ask for the brand guidelines (some previous designs or logo or any reference). You get ‘no’ as the answer. Then, the client asks, “Can you design one for me?” Branding is not your criteria of business; you are a creative person, but still, you say ‘yes’ (this is the moment of doubt, very prevalent).

Such scenario is quite common among designers. The logo design is not only dependent on the outcome, but also on the process it follows. Only a step-by-step approach leads to a meaningful and appealing Logo design. Let’s have a look at the steps.

Step 1: Let the Client know the Entire workflow

Whether you are an individual or a Creative ad agency, always remember when a client hire you, they hire you for workflow as well. It is the framework that counts; it is the approach that matters; it is the customization that client demands. Not for the sake, but thoroughly you must design the process and vigilantly follow that too. Do your best to make the client understand the process and why it is important to follow.

This includes:

  • Number of logo variations
  • Number of corrections, revisions
  • Delivery milestone
  • Payment model

According to logo designers in chandigarh, a good client will always respect your work-of-conduct and will follow and appreciate it.

Step 2: Ask every ‘that’ question that hinders your imagination on the design

Even if it seems off-topic, don’t get afraid of asking questions. This will help you create client’s identity and get hold of customer’s emotions. The Logo Designing in Chandigarh will become structured, leaving no room for ambiguities.

This includes asking:

  • Who you are?
  • What is your business all about?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your vision?
  • What is your story?
  • Why anyone must buy/sell anything to you?
  • What is your USP?
  • Do you have competitors?
  • What emotion you expect from the targeted customers?

While Logo Designing in Chandigarh, you can ask these questions immediately or can ask the client to write you in an email.

Step 3: Engage your Client throughout the Process

A Logo designing company in Chandigarh suggests, working in close collaboration with the client can teach and improve your approach. This helps doing most of the design work (trust me, yes it will). You work on client’s footprint; hence the things will close and end up faster. ‘Engage your client in the entire brand creation’ should be the rule of thumb; do your best.

Step 4: Learn how to handle Creative Clients

When you meet one-of-a-kind client sharing his/her ideas, you tend to roll your eyes. But, remember collaboration with the client will only improve and streamline the project execution. This is what you desire at the end of the day!  Work should be done, killing no time and creativity. Also, don’t get blindfolded. You must work together, like partners. Having said, you must respect your client’s ideas, sketches, suggestions, and every piece of advice; needless to say, even you disagree! Take their ideas as a set of keywords to work with them.

“Take clients to the roots of the design concept than guiding them through the final design.”

Step 5: Research and Design

Irrespective of how original your idea may seem, there are ample in the market to prove you are a copycat. So, believe it or not, nothing in the market is completely original, PERIOD! Find logos of competitors in the same area of business and keep that for reference. Keep the creative research to yourself. This will help pull the card from your sleeve when the client asks for amendments because your concept resembles an existing design.

Step 6: Present it like a Creative Agency

The design doesn’t speak and sell itself. Don’t wait for managers to explain the design concept to the client. Gone are the days where there used to be a list of presenters in a queue waiting to talk to the client. Take the lead and talk to the client directly. After all, you are the one who will be working on the project.

Furthermore, the proper use of Badge and Mockup helps people perceive the final product easily. Remember to always tailor your design as per the client’s requirements. Be confident about trading your concepts. Keep learning and continuously evolving.

Yes or No to SEO- Is SEO still significant in 2018?

Google unpredictably updates its algorithms for improving the search engine results. The main motive is to present the high-quality content, maybe through a blog or website, which focuses the reader’s intent and relevancy. Google offers you the tools and required assistance, everything to optimize its result. Hence, no matter what, SEO is here to stay. It will continue to remain useful and valuable over the longer period of time. Let us count the number reasons for why SEO is still relevant in 2018.

People will continue to browse through Google

Knowing that it is the primary method that people use to search on Google, it is essential to get listed in their results. Google processes 3.5 billion of searches each day and more than 40,000 queries every second. According to the best SEO Company in Chandigarh, out of these queries, chances are at least one or two searches can be related to your business product or services. SEO enhances your chances of converting such queries into your the potential customers. This requires time and effort, both put together right, just the way Google wants.

Content is completely shouldered on Google

The content is not successful without SEO. High-quality content requires hours of development, if not days. The efforts and time both will be wasted if your written content fails to rank in the search engine results. SEO ensures that your content is on top-shelf, gets recognized, and most likely gets the traffic. After a visitor notices the useful piece of information on search results, they would definitely want to know more about your company and will contribute to conversion.

Keywords are still relevant

Forget about the keyword stuffing, now the Google has its new fondness for the most relevant and long-tail keywords. The long-tail keywords are question-based keywords that are specific to your audience. Using such keywords ensure that the audience you drive on your website is the qualitative traffic that can help you in conversion. They are the genuine buyers of your services who are truly interested in your offerings. Note that Google changes its algorithm not to make things worse for the site owner, but only to improve the search result and enhance the user experience.

You can optimize your site and drive the genuine audience using the following tips:

  • Use tools and know what are the relevant keywords
  • Look for phrases and questions that your targeted audience may ask if you had a physical store
  • Incorporate the keywords in a natural reader-friendly way
  • Cover meta-title, meta-description, page title, header and body with keywords
  • Use Google Keyword Planner and find the right and the most search long-tail keywords

Therefore, before you choose the Search Engine Optimization Services in Chandigarh, ensure that the team you hire covers all the aspects of optimization.

What happens if you say No to SEO?

Google’s aim to generate valuable traffic through high-quality content is understated by many of the businesses online. Many believe that just writing the high-quality content can solely serve the purpose to rank on Google. Without ongoing SEO efforts, you are risking and taking away your business from the top-ranking results. Your competitors are most likely to jump at the chance to outrank you. Your website may be well-designed, but no one reaches it without optimization. Therefore, it is important to partner with the best SEO Company in Mohali and aligns your business with the Google search results.

Do you want to learn more?

Consult an expert Digital Marketer and ask for your SEO strategy today! The Search Engine Optimization Services in Chandigarh are affordable and ensure professional assistance at every stage. From strategy-making to report-checking, the best SEO Company in Chandigarh route your business where you invite more visitor and can hope for conversion.

How to build a better ‘Contact Form’: Boost your Conversion with these tips

If you want people to reach you, make it easy for them. And, Contact Form is the immediate medium for your customers to connect with you directly. Needless to say, it is a medium where you get potential leads that may end up converting into big-time paying customers. Although there are many factors that can encourage conversion on your website, Contact Form is the one that can start this instantly. This may surprise you to know that many website owners choose not to include Contact Form and they stick to only ‘call us’ as CTA.

We live in a digital world and a lot of us have shucked face-to-face meetings with the virtue of digital platforms. But, for customers, being able to connect with a person directly is still vital. Sometimes, customers need to talk to a real person to get the answers. But, just adding a Contact Form alone cannot confirm the engagement. We are talking about design here, its functionality and submission analysis. Greeting and appreciating customers are the essential factors to build your brand credibility. Being generous and pleasing will help. Hence, it is essential to seek help from an expert and get your Contact Form correctly designed. Here are some ways to get your Contact Form right.

1. Name it easy to find

Although it is tempting, avoid adding quirky and fancy names to your contact form in the navigation. It should be simple, clear, and talk exact the real purpose. Avoid playing hide-and-seek; instead, highlight it saying ‘click here’. Keep the wording simple. People on your site have no time for guessing. They don’t know your ‘high-five’ button is directing to the Contact Form. You can use communication words like ‘let’s talk’ or ‘get in touch’.

According to the best Web Design Company in Chandigarh, if the users didn’t find what they were looking for, they will bounce off your website. Chances are they will never return. And, in this course, you have lost a potential lead. Also, using social media accounts in lieu of a contact page is an unsuitable alternative. Believe it or not, not everyone has social media account.

2. Design it right

It’s 2018 already and businesses are getting digitally sound. Still, there is a list of poorly designed websites that failed to get traction. The badly designed website can have your visitor wonder about the legitimate factor and might totally skip contacting you. Say no to impersonal designs and yes to a blonde, clear, and sterile webpage. We know you are emotionally connected to your brand, but your targeted customers are not! Your business face is your website, which if they like, they will connect to your brand. Avoid using your brand colors. ‘Would I like this design and click the page to contact?’ Ask yourself this question and likewise get a second, third and fourth opinion.

3. Make it mobile-friendly

More than 50% of your viewers are from mobile. Ensure your form is mobile-friendly and every information field is in working condition. Every CTA and checkbox should be functional. If your website is not responsive, contact a Website Designing Company in Chandigarh to help you make it mobile-compatible. Testing is crucial before you make it live. Test the form for functionality and get valuable feedback. Ensure that your form is delivering appropriate messages and no random declines. If you find errors, contact Website Design Company in Chandigarh to request help.

4. Don’t Underestimate Copy

Great words inspire great action. A copywriter works as a direction maker to greet your audience and assure that they are indeed where they wanted to be. Copy gives you a chance to make your brand’s credibility count. The Contact Form should directly inform the visitor what and how to do. Extend the invitation to your audience using your brand voice. Most importantly keep them short and get rid of following elements:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Auto sign-ups
  • Hard to read text

The top Website Designing Agency in Chandigarh suggests that the form ideally must have 3-5 fields. It must not take more than 2 minutes to fill the contact fields. The form must explain to the user what probably they need.

Website Design Color Psychology that can increase Web conversions

According to the Best Web design company in Chandigarh, color is the most powerful medium to convenience and influence the customer to buy the product. People decide what they like in less than 90 seconds solely because of color. Understanding the color psychology can help in strengthening your bond with the customers. Color is 80% of the reason why people end up purchasing that specific product. More than 90% of the assessment people does is based on the color. Hence, employing the color psychology on your website can guide the visitor towards specific page and foster action on the website. It can enhance your brand recognition by 85% among your competitors.

Every color has its own importance and to be used for specific business nature only. The Best Web design company in Chandigarh will always guide you towards choosing the most desirable color for your website design. Blue color stands for credibility hence, no wonder why many businesses have blue color common in their logo, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr. It is important to know how color affects people and triggers emotion and encourages action. The colors on your website must work FOR the people than AGAINST the people. Let us have a look at some of the color basics.

Red is for drawing attention out of excitement

The color red is associated with love, excitement, movement, and energy. Use red color to draw the attention. It is good for Advertisement, Fashion, Sports, Food, Healthcare, and Entertainment. Don’t overuse it. It is a popping color only to be used correctly.

For example, consider Pepper Designs’ website. We have suitably used the color red to emphasize on our logo and Call-to-Action (CTA). Red represents our love for chili and customers. Being the Website design company in Chandigarh, the design is our responsibility which reflects on our methods of creative conduct.

 Yellow is for adding the fun element on the site

While mostly yellow is used as a warning color, brands use it to show they are fun and friendly. Yellow can stimulate the excitement factor in the brain. The playfulness feeling is simply associated with the heightened emotion and response, not merely joy. Hence, it is wise to use soft hues of yellow to evoke the calmer happy feeling. For example, have a look at pepper’s choice of yellow to draw the viewer’s attention. However, don’t overpower this color; it can strain the eyes. A wrong hue can make it look cheap and spammy too!

Blue is for competence, quality, and loyalty

Pepper’s all-time favorite, blue, is our favorite refreshing color. Just as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we also associate blue with Strength, Productivity, and Trust. Bright hues of blue are highly energizing and refreshing. It is ideal for Technology, Dental, Healthcare, Government, Legal, and Utilities. Too much blue on your website can make it look uncaring and cold. A strict NO for food-related content, as blue is linked to curb the appetite.

Pink is for sophistication and sincerity

A tint of red, pink has very specific associations when compared to red. Pink represents love, sophistication, and sincerity. It can be used when your intent is to greet someone or to say thank you. Geared especially towards feminism, pink desires sentimental response. For example, have a look at pepper’s placement and choice of pink color. We have used this color for our client testimonial section on our website.

Orange is for warmth and alert Communication factor

It is the best color to use for Call-To-Action (CTA), signup, sales, and buy now buttons. Industries like E-Commerce, Technology, Entertainment, and Food can employ this color to encourage quick buying. Pepper has used it in the Call-To-Action (CTA) section of  the webpage. We have a creative aspect of orange here. Let’s check it out.

Purple is for royalty and creativity

This color can be used for beauty products, yoga, spirituality, astrology, and content related to adolescent feminine brands. Use dark purple to create a sense of royalty, wealthy, and sophistication. Light purple can work wonders for love and spring. Pepper has not used this color, as it is not associated with our business nature. Likewise, not all of the colors mentioned are suitably right to use on your website. The choice of color is typical and different to each industry.

Pepper, being a website designing company in Chandigarh, will guide to the tour where we explain which hue of color will work best for your website design. Before we start the website designing process, it is a part of our approach that we introduce the client to the color psychology we follow. With us, the clients rest assured for the commendable work of art at the end of the project. You can hire your creative guide by examining the top website designing agency in Chandigarh extracted from the Google search result.

Advantages of Brochure Designs that make them a Favorite marketing Tool

A go-to marketing tool, brochure design is an essential and useful way to send out a subtle message about your business, its products, and services. Helping establish a strong presence, it broadcasts a sense of credibility and reliability about your business nature. Chances are that your pre-designed marketing campaign is already on run and is actively spreading your business message among the targeted audience. But, the point is, are those methods cost-effective? Do they easily reach your audiences? Are those methods effectively enhancing your bottom-line?

In today’s digital era, the fashioned solution works wonderfully well and stands the test of time. A brochure is one of the best examples and for all good reasons. It is a small book or a magazine that contains compiled information about your products and services, with appealing work of content and graphics. With the brochure, you have ample of opportunities to brief about your company, its mission, and products. It is one of the vital marketing essentials to add to your company’s repertoire. Let’s have a look at the benefits of the brochure design.

A brochure can house a large amount of information even for a small start-up

A brochure is known for being compact, both in messaging and shape. It provides a snapshot of your services, business vision, and products, and offers a lot of information for the audience. Ideally, it is a condensed version of what your website conveys to the masses. When well done, the brochure can help sell your services and products and gives a good idea of how distinctive your company is among the competitors. Also, including coupons or discounts in your brochure can turn out to be an immediate source of generating sales. Make sure that browsing the brochure is simple and less cluttered. The language should be comprehensible and less complex. You can seek help from a Business Brochure Design Company in Chandigarh and can be certain about the fruitful results.

A brochure is a cost-effective way for marketing when ordered in bulk

Compared to the other marketing options, the brochure design is an affordable marketing plan, especially for start-ups. You can hire the best brochure design company in Chandigarh, where the professionals are experienced enough to produce a sleek and desirable brochure that fits your budget. You can safely produce them in large number, as there are ample of ways to use and re-use them in marketing. Producing them in bulk will save money.

A brochure has multi-purpose attributes

Compared to postcards and other forms of print media, brochures are versatile and can be distributed in a wide variety of locations. Whether it is a tradeshow or any other promotional activity, conveying positive and accurate information to more people will ensure you attract new customers for your business. It is easy to place brochures in your promotional giveaways. The brochure can work great for offline as well as online marketing activates. You may also consider providing tangible items along with the brochure.

A brochure is an epitome of target-specific marketing

Whether it is a large event or door-to-door distribution, a brochure is a simple and effective way to broadcast all about your business among the targeted audience. For this, it is very important to know who your targeted community is. You can ask the marketing brochure design company in Chandigarh to help you select your target audience based on the specific demographics. It is an inevitable marketing tool for both local as well as small businesses.

A brochure captures the undivided attention of the audience

Unlike flashing ads, banners, or even billboards, a brochure holds the complete attention of the users by providing a tangible way to perceive information. Most importantly, brochure remains with the users for the longer period of time. Chances are that, after hours spent on the computer, the users will probably glance through your brochure and give their entire attention to it.

Moreover, brochures are easy to pass from person-to-person. They offer an easy referral system that a business personnel like you will not like to miss out. Hire custom brochure design services in Chandigarh and tell your story over the course of design layout and end it with effective Call-to-Action (CTA).  If you have other questions in mind, you can contact professionals for help. You can contact Pepper Designs, a professional brochure Design Company in Chandigarh, for more discussion.

How to find the Best Web Platform for your Business

Just as many flavors you get at Ben & Jerry’s cream parlor, there are ample of web platforms available for your business. And, you definitely don’t want to pick an ordinary flavor. You certainly want to ensure your website looks and performs optimally well. More than 45% of the web users believe that the design of a website is one of the prime factors for determining the company’s credibility. So, out of the available options, which platform will give you the most of the bang for your buck? Let’s have a look at how to choose the most desirable platform for your business, whether you want to hire a freelancer or a website development company in Chandigarh.


It is important to know which type of functionality you desire. An e-commerce platform might not be the perfect platform for a blogger or for an online education course. You might be looking for the platform where you have provision to make the changes, without messing with the code. You might want flexibility where you can add photos or videos. Start with what you desire and then choose a platform that can make it happen.

Ease of accessibility

How ‘easy’ that platform is, depends entirely on your skill level. If throughout the day you struggle with your Gmail, you are not technically sound and want to trade your time and money to hire someone else to do it. Similarly, if you are fairly tech-savvy, you might want to try some more sophisticated and complex platforms. In both the case, the ease of access entirely differs from person-to-person.

Price: How it Costs

Price is the biggest factor in every decision making. No matter you have found the great platform for your needs, if it exceeds your budget it is a misfit. Plan your finances, and accordingly hunt for the platform that suits your needs and budget. You would still want to avoid the painful experience of ‘window shopping’ and then end up knowing that you can’t afford it.

Room for Personalization

Your website is the business face which is going to do the talking. And, you certainly want it to be different and engaging. In short, it should be the way you want. Ensure that the platform you choose provides enough room for customization. Most of the platforms offer standard templates that can be further customized to make the website more about ‘you’.

Technical Quotient

Unless you are a coder, you unquestionably want to part ways from coding. A wrongly placed comma can crash your whole website. If you are not a coder and want to avoid nightmares, select the platform that doesn’t require it. If otherwise, you will have to hire web developer even for the smallest change. This can increase your cost and shake your budget.

Know Popular Platforms

There are many DIY website development platforms, claiming to be the one-stop solution for creating a beautiful website, right from e-commerce stores to blogs. Such platforms cover all the above-mentioned factors. Even if the theme costs you less or it is for free, you will require buying some features or the entire theme. In this, you are still not sure about the customization and the coding factor. Hence, it is still recommended to build your website seeking an expert help. Hire a website development company in Chandigarh and get customized web development solutions at affordable rates.