Top 5 Graphic designing Trends to follow

The year is ending. Hence, the time to look at some of the amazing trends worked successfully this year. Know which colors, layouts, fonts, and photos have worked and will be seen in 2018. Quickly, have a look at the top 5 graphic designing trends.

Use pop, bright, and loud colors

The Graphic Design Company in Chandigarh suggests taking a shift from neutral shades to loud, brighter, and popping colors. Broaden up your color choices. Serve your services better to enjoy the outcomes. The bright is hot, and hot is selling out quickly this year. Refrain playing safe with colors.

Use Original Photos

Whether for promotional activities or Website designing, the Graphic Designer in Chandigarh always promotes using real, big, and clear images. Using generic pictures make your brand looks the same- generic. Mark an impression. Make it more talkative and vibrant with pleasing images. Hand drew graphics can add a lot of fun to the whole picture, suggested by the Best graphic design company in Chandigarh.

Be asymmetric to the Symmetry

Being symmetry is very generic to the eyes. Splitting the content, adding patterns, geometric shapes, and many asymmetric design elements will draw the attention immediately. ‘Think unique and design original’ will continue to work in 2018 too. You can hire the Best graphic designer in Chandigarh and rest assured for artistic marvels.

Bold and Big Typography

This is another on the list selling like hot cakes. Choose the right font size, font spacing, and font bold to maintain the readability and simplicity factors.

We, at Pepper Designs, emphasize on producing designs that stand apart from the crowd. Our team of Graphic Designer in Chandigarh combines a variety of elements and trends altogether, keeping the design fundamentals intact. We believe what works today will become obsolete tomorrow. Staying glued with one is never going to work if you wish to conquer the market for years to come. Graphic design evolves with continuous want for uniqueness and creativity. Therefore, in order to stay ahead of the curve, it is imperative to set a trend than to follow. However, the above tips by us will help you know what will sell and what will perish during this year and beyond.


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