Top 10 Intimidating Design Jargon Mash-up

You may be an expert designer, or maybe with a desire to become one, or little curious, in any case, here are a few and vital design Jargons decoded just for you. Sit back and relax, while we breakdown common design terms helping to decipher your designer’s emails so that you take-up and assume everything right. Whether it is a phone call or a meeting, you are confident in not getting them wrong, at any given point. Because, knowing terms will make you smart, but only when you get them right. Without much ado, here we start.

1.     Typography

More than just making word legible, it is an art and skill of a designer to present ‘Type’ in a pleasing arrangement with one’s choice of Typeface (specific style and size of type within a Type family). It is an art and technique of arranging the type in an attractive and unique manner when displayed.

2.     Font and Typeface

Back in early days of the printing press, the letters were engraved into the ‘Face’ of the metal hammer, so that upon a strike it gets printed on the paper. The term Font is the group of such metal hammers and the letter design is Typeface. Therefore, Font is a group of letters and Typeface is their design.

3.     Kerning, Tracking, and Leading

Kerning is the adjustment/ modification of the space between the individual letters/characters in your type. Tracking concerns with the letter spacing for the entire word. Leading is the space between the consequent lines of type.

4.     Vector and Raster

Vector images are the curves, lines, and structure that computer understands to produce an image. The vector images are scalable graphic without any loss of quality, this means unlimited Zooming. Raster images, on the other hand, are the combination of pixels, which means on maximum zooming it will distort the image

5.     Burn and Dodge

They both are the layers and used to darken or lighten the images. As the name suggests, the burn will make the image darker and Dodge will make it lighter.

6.     Translucency and Opacity

The visibility of a graphic layer is completely controlled by Opacity in design. Translucency is used to make picture/image smartly look see-through, without making the whole new layer for it.

7.     Negative Space and White Space

No difference at all, both means the same and can be used interchangeably. The portion of the page left unmarked, left blank or the space between the graphics, images, and paragraphs or between the paragraphs is called Negative Space.

8.     TTF and OTF

In True Type Format (TTF) each font has printer and screen version in one piece, whereas, in Open Type Format (OTF), one layer can be presented in several ways. OTF supports expanded character set.

9.     Bleed, Crop, and Trim

Bleed refers to physically trimming the images after the print. Cropping discards everything outside of whatever you have selected. Trimming refers to removing the unwanted pixels around the core of an image.

10.    Orphan and Widow

Separated from the rest of the text, a single word or a short line that appears in the end or beginning of column or page is an Orphan. A paragraph-ending line that falls in the beginning or at the end of the page or column or the beginning of a new paragraph at the bottom of the page or column is a Widow.

Most of the terms here are exact definitions and should be accepted as a rule of thumb. Hence, while you consult any graphic design company in Chandigarh, feel comfortable discussing the graphic-related queries, modifications, or anything specific. At times, it becomes difficult in making the graphic designer in Chandigarh understands the sole purpose of your inquiry. Maybe in the words, you are clear, but in context, the designer may or may not get your concerns right. However, the Best graphic design company in Chandigarh ensures to mitigate this thin hurdle with a glossary of designs terms prior to the project ignition. With best graphic designer in Chandigarh on board, you rest assure for quality, originality, and dynamism of the work done.


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