6 Phases of Mobile app Development Lifecycle

What is Mobile App Development Cycle?

It is the process of building an app following detailed step-by-step approach, keeping the core motive of the app intact. It all starts with an Idea and leading to a fully-functional mobile app. We are a mobile app development company in Chandigarh, thriving to deliver top-notch apps, following the standard process, and ensuring successful delivery. More than thousands of apps are being published to Apple and Google Play stores. Many approach us with a different or same idea for the app. The Mobile app development cycle remains unaltered, irrespective of nature of the app and type of mobile device it demands. All the mobile app development companies in Chandigarh completely imbibe by the mobile app development lifecycle. However, if you want to develop your own app, follow these 5 phases of Mobile app development cycle.

6 Phases of Mobile App Development

1. Idea

It all starts with an idea. But, to acquire the audience and get the monetary benefits, building the app is not the immediate or the next option. A complete market analysis, choosing the audience type, keyword research, etc, is important to carry out, prior you choose building your app. Doing this at the very early stage will set your firm foot and give your organization a confidence that all the efforts will be worth at the end.

2. App Goals

Once you have understood your market and validate your idea, you now decide and jot down your app goals. Depending on the data acquired from the previous research, you look for your unique hook point that differentiates your app from the rest of the same type. Take a lean approach instead of bloating your app with too many features. Also, give way to the latest trends and proceed to the app scope, sticking strictly to your budget.

3. Design

This covers two major aspects- Wireframe and Storyboarding. They give you the insights for backend required to support the app functionality. Since you are clear with the app scope and features, now you work for the look and feel of the app i.e. the Design. The UI and UX play the major role here. Start by describing how you want the end-user interaction with your app. Jot down the major activities on the app. This helps mapping a clear app design strategy. Starting from a layout of each screen, buttons, icons, visual elements to navigation structure, everything is determined and designed. This further narrow downs your primary and secondary app objectives.

The best mobile app developers in Chandigarh take not more than an afternoon to complete the design process. However, at times, it takes more than thousands of hours, owing to the scope, challenges, and features your app demands. Therefore, it is wiser to go for ‘beta’ version of the app at first with limited but important features.

4. Prototype Design

Post the wireframe and Storyboarding, your next step is Prototype Design. Now it is the time to build an interactive and high-novel prototype. For those who don’t know what is a prototype, it is an early sample build on the basis of completely original concepts to represent the desirable attributes as on the final screen. Test the app to validate the information you have gathered. Check the interactivity and functionality. Without any need for coding, here are few tools that can be used for high fidelity prototyping- InVision, Origami, Proto.io, Justinmind, Marvel, etc. Post this you can initiate the app development process.

5. Testing

Test your app for- Usability, Compatibility, Interface, Services, Performance, and Security. After manual checking your app on a variety of mobile devices, you can use testing tools like Appium, Bugsee, and Testflight. The Android App Development Company in Chandigarh tries different testing tools for testing and crash analytics.

6. Launch

A critical phase of app lifecycle, the launch includes setting your app on the screen of as many as users. This phase also includes App Store Optimization, SEO, Landing page, Paid Ads, and PR. Surely, you can do all of these by yourself, and however, it is imperative to seek help from a mobile app Development Company in Chandigarh. They help you know the right tools and insights for monetary gain from the app at the later stage.


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