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Increase Positive User Experience On Your Website

In today’s current scenario for the web and mobile's potential impact, entrepreneurs have started to spend time and resources on improving user experience (UX) by hiring the best website designers or best website designing company in India or in their respected region, so how to improve the UX of your website or mobile app

If you just think for a minute why we always go back to the same grocery store each week. Why do we return to the same boutique, or visit the salon, or go back to a favorite restaurant? Because these businesses have created a positive experience, which in turn creates loyalty from us towards their particular brand.

In the retail world, the strongest drivers of loyalty are considered to be brand experience and engagement and it goes the same with the digital world. Ambiance, Design of the store, easily locating the products or availing the service without any hassle and delay or waiting and problem resolution are considered to be the pillars of great consumer experience, and these same concepts also contribute to their digital experience as well.

A business's website or app also has the same ability to leave a lasting impression on a customer -- and whether that impression is good or bad can depend on a lot of factors.

A great user experience on your website or app actually ensures that the visitors on your website can find everything they’re looking for with ease and speed. 

The best website designers create a content-rich, meaningfully designed site that keeps your customers and partners engaged and returning for more.

To have a better UX in every aspect of the organizations are looking forward to hiring the best website designers in India or are looking forward to hiring the best website designing company who can understand what they want and execute with user-friendly UX and UI.

Pepper Designs is one of the best website designing company in India. The company is a  leading strategic design consultancy. They have worked with companies ranging from small start-ups to established players to improve their UX design.

Below are some few tips which will help you to develop a website that’s easy to use and at the same time its an engaging experience for the visitors.

1. Speed Matters

 In every fraction of a second visitors waits for your site to load, they lose their patience—and most of the time they switch over to another website. A website takes a significant portion of loading time because of Images. The best website designers recommend optimization of images and thus doesn’t make your website visitors wait for the gigantic loading time.

2. Speed improvement: 

The speed of the website can be improved by installing various plugins available on your CMS website. The plugin will cache parts of your site so that visitors don’t need to download anything more than once. The plugins also minify and compress files thus making file sizes significantly smaller and allowing the visitors to navigate your site more easily and quickly 

3. Stock Photos to be Avoided: 

Stock photography quickly turns a great website into a mediocre one. For example, If you want to use an image on your “Contact Us” page, try a photograph of your actual team rather than using a stock photo that most of your competitors use.

4. Protect your brand: 

Always keep in mind that the design affects more than what visitors of the website click—it affects their perception of your company.

5. Be clear and Precise: 

Visitors should be able to understand your business within a couple of seconds when they land on your company’s homepage. Well-written pages with clear language will be infinitely more effective.

6. Well-placed calls to action buttons: 

Using a more strategic approach and placing the call-to-action button at the point where the visitor is prepared to make a decision performs the best at the point in the page rather than placing call-to-action buttons throughout the website.


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