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Graphic Designing for Social Media

Social media has always been visually-led and with the rise of social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and many more the trend is continuing. The posts across all the social networks perform better if they contain great imagery. 

Great graphics add to the company’s brand and character by showcasing products effectively. The social media graphics grab the attention of users in the busy social sphere as they communicate about the product knowledge through quality and passion thus increasing engagement metrics

The type of images your brand shares over social media depends on the kind of image you want to portray and is largely dictated by your target audience For some brands, good-quality, royalty-free images available on the web, curating stock images, self-editing, or producing graphics can work perfectly well, but where businesses or a brand can excel is through original images and graphics that draw engagement from their audience.

However, the challenge for many brands is to hire the best graphic designers in India or to choose the best graphic designing company in India or in their respected area who can create engaging social graphic designs for their product or service keeping in mind their brand image and are able to timely share them on different platforms of social media.

If you don’t have the luxury of having the best graphic designers in India or of having the best graphic designing company in India or in your region, then it means You are lacking out on superb exposure when applicable trending subjects get up.

Pepper Designs Pvt. Ltd is among the best graphic designing company in India and has the in-house best graphic designers for social media-specific graphics. It enables them to put engaging, real-time original content out for their clients on different social media platforms before their competitors and this is a major win.

Pepper Designs Pvt. Limited has the best graphic designers in India with experience of working across mediums in a variety of creative fields for more than a decade. With equal focus on print media designs and digital design, Pepper’s portfolio covers everything from promotional materials for big brands and restaurants to developing visual identities for grassroots businesses for online ads, videos, etc.

Pepper Designs is considered to be the best graphic designing company in India. Their designs are fascinating with every aspect of design, from concept development to final execution,  they are passionate about producing innovative design solutions for a broad range of clients.

Tips for Creating great social media Design

Brand Image

The brand’s image (company’s overall ethos and feel) in the content and tone of the social media designs, needs to stay on-brand at all times. This includes the color palette, typeface, and the subject of the image. The best graphic designing companies create a brand guidelines document, which lists the fonts and the colors used.

Anything off-brand or off-topic can create disinterest in the audience immediately.

Use of the Headline

Using a headline graphic to launch a special offer or event helps to catch the eye on social media. Pepper Designs the best graphic designing company in India always uses a headline and a tagline to make the social graphic design a hit.

Grab the Attention

Bright colors or just a great image is enough to stop the audience’s attention while they are scrolling the social media platform and get them to take a closer look.

Always ensure there’s a focal point to the image, ideally, it should be to the left of the center of the image, which is where we look as we scroll the Facebook and Twitter feed.

Selling the dream

Think about what you’re really selling someone. How will the audience benefit after purchasing your product or service   If your product makes someone’s life easier, how does their new life look? Selling a car?

Use infographics 

Well-researched infographics will surely mean something to your audience. Think about creating something of real interest. If you want to educate your audience or inspire them to take action, the best graphic designers in India consider Infographics to be the most successful tool to perform very well on most social media platforms as they are a great way to engage and add value to an audience.


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