A Full-proof Plan to get your Logo Accepted

A design work requires more than just creative ideas and technical skills. A designer is bound to be a Strategist, Marketing analyst, Salesperson, Project Manager, and Showman, all at the same time. The task of the designer is much more difficult followed by numerous sessions of excitement and challenges. This article covers the tips and tricks to streamline the logo design process. The steps are proven and tested. This will help in improving the branding projects.

Consider this scenario:

You just received a query for Logo Design. The client is asking for your creative help. Then, you ask for the brand guidelines (some previous designs or logo or any reference). You get ‘no’ as the answer. Then, the client asks, “Can you design one for me?” Branding is not your criteria of business; you are a creative person, but still, you say ‘yes’ (this is the moment of doubt, very prevalent).

Such scenario is quite common among designers. The logo design is not only dependent on the outcome, but also on the process it follows. Only a step-by-step approach leads to a meaningful and appealing Logo design. Let’s have a look at the steps.

Step 1: Let the Client know the Entire workflow

Whether you are an individual or a Creative ad agency, always remember when a client hire you, they hire you for workflow as well. It is the framework that counts; it is the approach that matters; it is the customization that client demands. Not for the sake, but thoroughly you must design the process and vigilantly follow that too. Do your best to make the client understand the process and why it is important to follow.

This includes:

  • Number of logo variations
  • Number of corrections, revisions
  • Delivery milestone
  • Payment model

According to logo designers in chandigarh, a good client will always respect your work-of-conduct and will follow and appreciate it.

Step 2: Ask every ‘that’ question that hinders your imagination on the design

Even if it seems off-topic, don’t get afraid of asking questions. This will help you create client’s identity and get hold of customer’s emotions. The Logo Designing in Chandigarh will become structured, leaving no room for ambiguities.

This includes asking:

  • Who you are?
  • What is your business all about?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your vision?
  • What is your story?
  • Why anyone must buy/sell anything to you?
  • What is your USP?
  • Do you have competitors?
  • What emotion you expect from the targeted customers?

While Logo Designing in Chandigarh, you can ask these questions immediately or can ask the client to write you in an email.

Step 3: Engage your Client throughout the Process 

A Logo designing company in Chandigarh suggests, working in close collaboration with the client can teach and improve your approach. This helps doing most of the design work (trust me, yes it will). You work on client’s footprint; hence the things will close and end up faster. ‘Engage your client in the entire brand creation’ should be the rule of thumb; do your best.

Step 4: Learn how to handle Creative Clients

When you meet one-of-a-kind client sharing his/her ideas, you tend to roll your eyes. But, remember collaboration with the client will only improve and streamline the project execution. This is what you desire at the end of the day!  Work should be done, killing no time and creativity. Also, don’t get blindfolded. You must work together, like partners. Having said, you must respect your client’s ideas, sketches, suggestions, and every piece of advice; needless to say, even you disagree! Take their ideas as a set of keywords to work with them.

Take clients to the roots of the design concept than guiding them through the final design.”

Step 5: Research and Design

Irrespective of how original your idea may seem, there are ample in the market to prove you are a copycat. So, believe it or not, nothing in the market is completely original, PERIOD! Find logos of competitors in the same area of business and keep that for reference. Keep the creative research to yourself. This will help pull the card from your sleeve when the client asks for amendments because your concept resembles an existing design.

Step 6: Present it like a Creative Agency

The design doesn’t speak and sell itself. Don’t wait for managers to explain the design concept to the client. Gone are the days where there used to be a list of presenters in a queue waiting to talk to the client. Take the lead and talk to the client directly. After all, you are the one who will be working on the project.

Furthermore, the proper use of Badge and Mockup helps people perceive the final product easily. Remember to always tailor your design as per the client’s requirements. Be confident about trading your concepts. Keep learning and continuously evolving.  


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