5 Problems everyone has with outdated website design – How to Solved Them

Often when it comes to your website, time is limited. Every second someone is visiting or abandoning your website for some failing reasons. Unless you give them a valid reason to stay on your website and stick around for more, they will soon be gone. Lackluster websites lower the interest of the visitors and enhance the bounce rate of the website. Maybe it is just fine with the visitor to check every page, one by one, especially if it is a Press Release or another event-driven content. However, if you are looking forward for lasting relationship with the visitor, with a hope of conversion, then one and done won’t help.

1. Mobile incompatibility
Being responsive is a huge deal nowadays, with mobile being ubiquitous. This can be a pain to fix, especially if you realize your website is not responsive after the launch. It becomes oblivious to rank high on Google Search Results. The only solution is to seek help from a website designer in Chandigarh, which is a wise choice and is affordable too. The professionalism and work-of-a-genius is guaranteed.

2. Uncertain about Target Audience
What you call a website without goal? Well, we call it a total waste of time, money, and talent. All such website can welcome is higher outlay and maintenance cost. Website must be designed with clear vision for the targeted audience. Irrelevant and random content make no sense to the visitor who may have higher hopes for the content authenticity and quality. Have a core focus on your website to create original content geared-up for the certain targeted audience. Before you make your website, establish your audience first, and then create content projecting on them. The best web development company in Chandigarh can help you list the keywords mostly searched by your targeted audience. You can now create keyword-focused content.

3. Outdated Design
Your design may have be an impeccable one in 2008. It has header, a big banner for information, sidebars, and quality pictures. But, guess what? What have worked for you in past, may not work in present. It is the time to refresh your design elements. The time changes and result advances, and in between your website is becoming old every day. It may become obsolete, so to speak. It doesn’t fit in here. The layout of the pages has evolved, and even the technology giants are breaking up content into smaller and engaging digestible bits.

4. Use of Stock Images and Icons

Looking at the repeated images and icons can easily drive away the trust factor. For example, consider that picture of desk with pen, books, and an Apple Mac. Such images are shared around a lot among businesses of the same kind. Hence, you need to be vigilant. What you can do in this case is hire a website designer in Chandigarh and get the original images designed just for your website. Look no further. Remember that the same images on multiple sites can erode the trust of your brand.

5. Broken links can break the trust

404 errors are some of the most frustrating ones to encounter as a user. It is very clear that there is helpful information behind the link, but what one witness on clicking never encourages him/her to lookout for more on your website in future. Unfortunately, broken links tend to pileup in no time. This requires deleting such pages which are irrelevant and worthless. Locating and removing the links are mind-bending task and you may require technical help. The best website designer in Chandigarh can should for help and can mend your broken links with expertise.

The Takeaways

If you are creating the website for the first time, learn from the above-mentioned mistakes. Hiring the best team on board can bring a massive relief for the major roadblocks on the website. The web development in Chandigarh is ever-evolving. The website designers in Chandigarh are experienced and soaked with creativity. Get rid of such pitfall errors and partner with an authentic team of experts.


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