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Cookies STORE only to DELIVER the best user experience keeping your interests intact.

Cookies are the tiny piece of reliable data which is sent from a website and store on the user’s computer or mobile through the web browser. Through cookies, we try to remember your browsing activities only to enhance your stay at Pepper Designs. Cookies help us know your preferences and accordingly we tailor your web experience on our website.

Know how we gather cookies, how we use them, and why it is sometimes necessary to store them. Learn ways to prevent storing cookies and know how it will affect the website’s functionality.

How we use cookies?

Cookies make Pepper Designs easier to use. They provide you the services based on your interests on our website and your browsing activities. Cookies accelerate your search activity on our website as well as analyze to predict your future activities. We also use cookies to gather anonymous and aggregated statistics that allow us to examine how the end user browses through the website. Cookies also help us to improve the structure and the content without identifying you personally. None of your information is shared or made visible publically. It is important to clarify that our cookies do not collect any personal information stored on your computer’s hard disk.

We safeguard your data and use it only to give you the personalized web experience on the site.Pepper Designs thrives only for enriching our customer’s experience. We are happy knowing our customer is relished receiving our services at the end. And in this course, cookies, the tiny bits of information contribute majorly to make it happen.

What are the types of Cookies we use?

Pepper Designs use two types of cookies namely, Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. Session Cookies are the bit of data that stores on your device until you browse through our website. In contrary, Persistent Cookies remain for a much longer time until you manually delete them.

How long the Cookies remain active?

It certainly depends on your browser settings and duration or lifespan of the certain cookies.

How to disable cookies?

This is simple and effortless. Go to your browser settings, adjust them, and disable cookies. Caution that disabling them will affect your experience with Pepper Designs website. Choosing to block cookies will disable certain features and functionality of our website, and chances are that our website will not be accessible at all. However, we recommend, and not impose you to enable cookies on your browser.

Do we use third-party Cookies?

In some special cases, we do use third-party cookies from the trusted sources. We use Google Analytics, which is one of the prevalent and trusted analytics solutions to help us understand your browsing activity and ways we can improve your experience. This also helps us to know the time you spent on our website, pages you browsed, and your interests and encourage us to create engaging content. Periodically, we test new features and integrate them into the website to make your stay and experience memorable.

We also use social media Plugins or buttons that connect to your social network. We don’t have any control over the third-party cookies. We cannot access or manage such cookies due to the way they work, and can only be accessed by the third-party creators who have originally created them. You can check third-party websites for more information.

For more Information

We have tried to cover every aspect of Cookie Policy. Still, if there is something you are not sure about using cookies or in the ways we access to your activities, feel free to interact with us with one of our preferred methods of contact.

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