What they see, is what you can sell

Visuals play an extensive role in transmitting information from one person to another. However, when it comes to businesses, a lot remain skeptic regarding the actual role of graphic design in marketing. As per research, the human mind has more leaning towards visuals in comparison to texts. Over 90% of information is transmitted to the brain and one can process images faster than textual data.

The mind comprehends to the imagery in the post than the textual content written over it. Thus, even before the person reads on the message, the audience has already shaped their opinion that is shaped by the design. Therefore, how you design an image right from its ideation, design to conceptualizing plays a crucial role in selling a product.

A product which is able to convey its message through an image itself is far more powerful than the advertisement which comprises of image and text.


The first impression is the best impression

While looks may not matter in reality, in the world of marketing they play a great role. Appearance is one of the important aspects that aid in forming inferences about experience and its credence. However, a lot depends on how cleverly one uses this in order to pull the customers. As in marketing terms, customers buy what they see. And your sales thus directly depend on what you show them. Any overuse of design in books, magazine or website may manipulate the minds of the audience, sometimes affecting a customer’s buying behavior in a negative way.


The magic wand of graphic design

Graphic designers play an eminent role in impacting the customer’s buying behavior. With the proper combination of designs, graphics, and other elements in relation to one another creates a certain impression in the minds of the customer.


What are the factors of design trends?

A lot goes into creating the best impactful designs using a combination of colors and other typographies. Let's look into some of the factors that help in defining the perfect impactful designing.

  1. Basic Characteristics

The foremost factor that makes up a good image or appearance is basic natural characteristics including different color schemes, images of nature, organic in comparison to representative typographies.

For example – If you are wanting to spread an environment-friendly message, then creating a banner with a lot of green lush in the background of a tree is found to be much impactful than using the image of a building surrounded by a black background.

Inference – The kind of image and color scheme that you use plays an important role in sending out the message you wish to convey. The designer must be knowledgeable about the proper color scheme and the typographies.

  1. Balance and Uniformity

The second essential factor is how uniform and balanced is the typography with the elements in the surrounding. The objects must be symmetrical and well balanced to the subject surrounding the message.

For example – Continuing with the environmental-friendly poster, one should note that the objects surrounding the central subject which is tree be well symmetrical and organized in a uniform manner.

Inference – Avoid using asymmetrical elements which can take away the audience’s attention from the subject.

  1. The depth of the message

This is one of the most essential points in marketing through an image is how well does the designer illustrate the message the business wants to convey. This includes a number of factors such as a proper understanding of the details put into making an image:

  • The amount of text included in the post
  • What kind of shapes and images are put into use
  • The typography, etc.

Inference – Any failure in the part of the designer in understanding the subject and passing it to the audience will fail to create the necessary spark. Thus, it is essential in the part of the designers to choose carefully the elements used in creating the design to meet the desired level of response.


How does designing help in marketing?

As it is known marketing is all about how well can you convince your audience in buying a product or a service. Visuals play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of a human. Throughout the day we are thronged by a million messages that go off without getting registered in our minds. This is the very reason why many marketers fail to create impact and convey their message to the target audience. Here is where a design or a visual comes into use. Here are a few uses of designs enlisted that aids marketers in reaching out to their audience and convey the message.

  1. Grab Attention

A visually impactful image in comparison to a text, from a simple design comprising of pointers and arrows to that of a single illustration can convey the message.For example – The very sign of download or an ebook conveys to the audience the message that the symbol hints download in the first imagery and an ebook in the second one. Herein, the marketer is not required to elaborate with the help of text while the symbol does the talking.

  1. Human Faces

Humans tend to connect emotionally with the audience. Using the image of a real human than an animated person connects audience in a much better manner. The audience find it emotionally appealing thereby raising a sense of confidence in the brand. Thus, using simple human faces in your banners or websites can affect how the visitors feel thereby impacting your sales.

  1. Highlights and Contrasts

Encapsulating or highlighting an object catches the eye of the viewer. This requires an extensive knowledge of using proper gradients and highlights to let the message stand out in comparison to others.

  1. Motion and Basic Needs

Motion has a greater impact on the human mind. As per research watching a fast-moving train may cause headache as the brain is left with a short span for grabbing the information. In addition, an image of food or a product are known to have powerful triggers in brain increasing its retaining capacity than that of a text.



Visuals are the magic wand of marketing that assists in conveying a message without saying much. A visual that can speak for itself without making noise is much impactful than the text that speaks but fails to hit the heart. Thus, designs play a crucial role in marketing as the audience buy what they see before buying what you sell!


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