Things to note before changing your website design | Website redesigning points

Things to note before changing your website design

Pepper Designs, one of the best website service in Delhi, believes website performs as an essential brand business tool for the success of a brand both online and offline, it functions as a sales pitch for the product or service we are offering, a business card, a display products/services, an advertisement, and a listing.

The designing aspect of the website becomes more important when you think about your website this way, either when you are coming up with a new website or maybe even start rethinking of changing the entire look.

There are some essentials one must keep in mind which will help you design the best website possible for a powerful home base on the web for the best outcome.

Things you should consider before moving forward with the designing of a website.

1. Analyze what’s working and what’s not

Pepper Designs suggests that before making changes to the website design, you need to analyze which aspects and features to be changed.

We can use analytics to see what part of website design is working, what are things that visitors are finding valuable, and what they are not. The things that are not working for the website should either get rid of it or improve it.

Using analytics is important because online marketing performance is directly affected by the website design. Through analytics, we will be able to understand which pages aren’t getting visited, which call to actions isn't getting clicked. Gathering this information will help you to make important decisions about your new website’s design.

2. Set SMART Goals

The Web Designing service provider in Delhi believes redesigning needs goals specifically for how well the website work for SEO & marketing, not just how it looks.

The overall look helps in marketing efforts, but if you only focus on looks and forget about function, then the website is not of any worth.

A user always prefers a simple website that works for him. Things like loading times, difficulty in navigation, fancy codes and things stuffed with visual ads make the user face issues. This is the last thing we want to do to the user of the website. Pepper Designs, the best web designing service in Delhi, will help you through this process:

  • How to Set Goals for Your Website Redesign
  • How many website visitors or website leads do we want to increase by a certain percentage.
  • Make design goals that are specific. Making the website look better is very helpful.
  • Be clear about functionalities we are looking forward to incorporating.

3. Check out the Competition

For performing better we need to look at the competition as to what others are doing in the respected industry.

If the competitor is performing better, than we need to understand the reasons for the same. It will help the customer to compare two sites. Set redesigning goals to improve the pages where you feel the competitors are doing better than your pages.

4. Review and Refresh Your Content

After all, design and content work together. A fresh approach to content helps further to propel to new heights. Here are a few ideas:

  • Update and/or rewrite blogs for better leads.
  • For the best practices for user engagement set up a new publishing schedule.
  • For developing future content look at the content that’s performing well and use that as a template

5.  Hit SEO Checkpoints

Your website redesigning should SEO friendly as it is going to boost your marketing. There are different ways a website can be optimized during a website redesign:

  • There should be well-written page titles, Meta descriptions, and permalinks for all your content
  • Content should be for readable and should include headers and subheaders
  • Landing pages should have keywords in the content.
  • Website loading times should be as minimal as possible.

6. Make sure it is Responsive

We need to make sure that our website is on the user's mobile phones and tablets.

The website should be responsive means the website should be able to reconfigure itself based on the user’s screen size and device. Visitors expect more from their browsing experience, and if they find our website in their browsing device, they’ll look elsewhere.

Apart from this responsive website will help in SEO. At Pepper Designs, design responsive websites too, so don’t worry about this when you work with us!

7. Evaluate CMS

The building of the website and its redesign will depend on the CMS (content management system) you choose. The website platform needs to balance options and capabilities with the goals we are trying to meet through our website like what type of benefits and features will the website need to deliver to make sure the customers get the right experience online.


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