Everything you need to know about Digital signage

What is Digital Signage?

The ability to show any type of media on a digital display is known as Digital Signage. Everywhere we can find Digital signage in- the hospitals, universities, malls, restaurants, hand lobbies. Digital signage engages just about any audience in your space. Pepper Designs, the signage designing company in Delhi considers Digital Signage to be a great tool for promoting brand awareness, communicating with staff or students marketing a new product.


Every Digital Signage Project Has Four Components:

Software - content management software (CMS) allows showing content on your Display. Some of the  CMS’s will only allow you to variety of content from text, images, video, webpages and more and some will show limited types of content.

Hardware - Display, media player, wall mounts (if needed) are the physical pieces of the project.

Content - It can be in form of text, images, video, calendars, and more. This is what you will show on your Display.

Strategy - To ensure that the project is a success we develop a strategy.


Why Should Digital Signage Matter to You?

Pepper Designs the signage designing company in Delhi considers Digital signage to be the most effective tool that the company will use to communicate with the audience. Digital signage catches people’s attention no matter what the location is, what application is. Like posters, Static signs, and flyers are just not as exciting or effective as digital signage.

Pepper Designs the signage designing company in Delhi believes that through engaging visuals and powerful calls to action, Digital signage can improve your marketing and advertising initiatives. Digital signage will improve communication with your visitors, staff, or students, and the messages will get noticed. In fact, digital signage is hard to ignore they attract the attention of 63% of people.

It’s also cheaper than it’s ever been! There has been a steady decline every year in the overall cost of digital signage. In the present scenario due to the increased commoditization, a fully functioning digital signage project can be accomplished only in a few thousand rupees whereas earlier a digital signage installation required a huge investment.



To get your digital signage project started off on the right track it's important to have a plan. We need to understand how to decide the right location for your digital signage and how to explore to set goals and more.


Goal Setting:

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

To begin with we need to understand what digital signage is supposed to accomplish. The goals will dictate all other factors which are associated such as the type of Display you use, the Media Player you need, the location of your Displays and the type of content you show.

Understand why the company needs digital signage - what message are does the company is trying to share? Whose attention is the company looking to catch? And once the company is able to have their attention, what the company wants them to do?


Who is Your Audience?

The next step is defining and understanding the audience in terms of their interests, habits, and intentions to figure out how can we target the audience best with the company’s digital signage.

Write up a simple User Persona, an outline of your typical viewer about their motivations and interests. Once the company understands the viewer, the company will be in a good position to address how to attract the target audience’s attention.


What You Need to Get Started

To get your signage project up running you will need a Media Player, a Display, and a Content Management Software.

Media Player: It will power your Display with the visual content you create.

Display: The screen that you will be using to show your content example a TV, monitor, etc.

Content Management Software: It will be used to create your content and schedule it to on the company’s display.


Choosing the Right Location

The placement of the Display will directly impact the success of your project, when it comes to digital signage, the location of your digital signage should be optimized for your project goals and the audience you are targeting.

Pepper Designs, the signage designing company in Delhi would like to share a few simple tips to find the perfect location for your digital signage.

1. The Content of the Digital Signage Should Decide the Location of the Digital Signage.

2. When determining the best location for your digital signage, look for high traffic areas.

3. Pepper design the signage design company in Delhi also follows the rule of thumb that eye-height is the best to position your display, this is where it’s most likely to be seen and interacted with.


Types of Displays

From standard TV’s to outdoor displays there are hundreds of different types of digital signage displays available. The only differences the company needs to be concerned with are TV displays versus commercial displays and interactive displays compared with static displays.


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