Website Design Color Psychology that can increase Web conversions

According to the Best Web design company in Chandigarh, color is the most powerful medium to convenience and influence the customer to buy the product. People decide what they like in less than 90 seconds solely because of color. Understanding the color psychology can help in strengthening your bond with the customers. Color is 80% of the reason why people end up purchasing that specific product. More than 90% of the assessment people does is based on the color. Hence, employing the color psychology on your website can guide the visitor towards specific page and foster action on the website. It can enhance your brand recognition by 85% among your competitors.

Every color has its own importance and to be used for specific business nature only. The Best Web design company in Chandigarh will always guide you towards choosing the most desirable color for your website design. Blue color stands for credibility hence, no wonder why many businesses have blue color common in their logo, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr. It is important to know how color affects people and triggers emotion and encourages action. The colors on your website must work FOR the people than AGAINST the people. Let us have a look at some of the color basics.

Red is for drawing attention out of excitement

The color red is associated with love, excitement, movement, and energy. Use red color to draw the attention. It is good for Advertisement, Fashion, Sports, Food, Healthcare, and Entertainment. Don’t overuse it. It is a popping color only to be used correctly.

For example, consider Pepper Designs’ website. We have suitably used the color red to emphasize on our logo and Call-to-Action (CTA). Red represents our love for chili and customers. Being the Website design company in Chandigarh, the design is our responsibility which reflects on our methods of creative conduct.


Yellow is for adding the fun element on the site

While mostly yellow is used as a warning color, brands use it to show they are fun and friendly. Yellow can stimulate the excitement factor in the brain. The playfulness feeling is simply associated with the heightened emotion and response, not merely joy. Hence, it is wise to use soft hues of yellow to evoke the calmer happy feeling. For example, have a look at pepper’s choice of yellow to draw the viewer’s attention. However, don’t overpower this color; it can strain the eyes. A wrong hue can make it look cheap and spammy too!

Blue is for competence, quality, and loyalty

Pepper’s all-time favorite, blue, is our favorite refreshing color. Just as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we also associate blue with Strength, Productivity, and Trust. Bright hues of blue are highly energizing and refreshing. It is ideal for Technology, Dental, Healthcare, Government, Legal, and Utilities. Too much blue on your website can make it look uncaring and cold. A strict NO for food-related content, as blue is linked to curb the appetite.

Pink is for sophistication and sincerity

A tint of red, pink has very specific associations when compared to red. Pink represents love, sophistication, and sincerity. It can be used when your intent is to greet someone or to say thank you. Geared especially towards feminism, pink desires sentimental response. For example, have a look at pepper’s placement and choice of pink color. We have used this color for our client testimonial section on our website.

Orange is for warmth and alert Communication factor

It is the best color to use for Call-To-Action (CTA), signup, sales, and buy now buttons. Industries like E-Commerce, Technology, Entertainment, and Food can employ this color to encourage quick buying. Pepper has used it in the Call-To-Action (CTA) section of  the webpage. We have a creative aspect of orange here. Let’s check it out.

Purple is for royalty and creativity

This color can be used for beauty products, yoga, spirituality, astrology, and content related to adolescent feminine brands. Use dark purple to create a sense of royalty, wealthy, and sophistication. Light purple can work wonders for love and spring. Pepper has not used this color, as it is not associated with our business nature. Likewise, not all of the colors mentioned are suitably right to use on your website. The choice of color is typical and different to each industry.

Pepper, being a website designing company in Chandigarh, will guide to the tour where we explain which hue of color will work best for your website design. Before we start the website designing process, it is a part of our approach that we introduce the client to the color psychology we follow. With us, the clients rest assured for the commendable work of art at the end of the project. You can hire your creative guide by examining the top website designing agency in Chandigarh extracted from the Google search result.


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