How to create a winning Social Media Strategy for 2018

It is 2018 already and it presents a list of things to do for maintaining a good online reputation. Pleasing Google with the genuine optimization and marketing strategy is topping the list. Giving it a competition, next we have is Social media strategy. Just as we use tools and technology to make our online presence Google-friendly, social media also requires us to meticulously design a workable plan. The Best SMO Company in Chandigarh believes, just as Google, Social Media is also vast with different platforms working on a unique vision of delivering the digital content. There is no such the one ‘award-winning’ social media strategy. Every business is different with the unique target market and audience. So, hoping for one such strategy will not lay fruitful results as you desire. To sprout results and market your business, this blog will help you formalize the social media strategy.

What is your goal behind Social Media?

  • Brand Awareness
    If you want to earn loyalty, avoid a slew of generic and promotional messages. Your focus should be on strong business personality development through meaningful content sharing. Not for the sake of traffic, but with an expectation of meaningful conversion.
  • Increase quality sales
    Capturing every social media platform is tricky especially, without monitoring and effectively using the keywords, phrases, and Hashtags. Using them will help you to reach out more relevant audience much faster.
  • Improve ROI
    Everyone on social media wants to get access to the monetary gain, which is logical. But, to enhance your ROI, auditing channel, the cost of labor, advertisement, and design activities is essential to stay on track.
  • Create Fanbase
    If this is your goal, promote user-centric content to which users will react positively and create a strong-stage life among the competitors.
  • Keep your Business on Pulse
    know what your competitors are doing. What are the strategies they use to drive traffic and do engagement? Keeping your business on pulse will improve your efforts and drive logical results. Take some tips from those doing well.

Which platform do you consider for reaching out your targeted audience?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

How do you want to diversify your demographics?

It should be on the basis of:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Location
  • Income

What are your important Social Media Metrics?

  • Reach
    The post reach is the number of people who saw your post on the given social media platform. This will help you to know how far your content is spreading among the audience. What kind of people is interacting with the brand?
  • Clicks
    Know the number of clicks you get on the logo, link, content, or company name. Track clicks per social media campaign. This will help you to know how the users are moving in the marketing funnel. You will know what drives curiosity and foster engagement on your page.
  • Engagement
    When you divide the total number of interaction by impression you get the engagement factor. You will know who interacted on what and if that was a good ratio. You get to know your audience perception and their willingness for interaction.  
  • Hashtag
    Know if you have used any Hashtags on our page. What are the famous Hashtags associated with your brand or which Hashtag created the most interaction?
  • Paid and Organic Metrics
    For Facebook, it is much harder to get organic traction hence, here the paid campaign will work. The platform like Instagram, in contrary, is a great channel to drive organic traffic for more interaction. 
  • Sentiments
    A measurement of how the user interacted with your content, brand, or Hashtags equals to sentiments. This will tell you whether or not people find your recent post offensive. What kind of sentiments is associated with your brand? Dig deeper and find what the users are talking about your brand. 

Who are your biggest social media competitors?

Pick the top five companies of the same business nature and list them to gauge which activity is working how and yielding results for them.

Which are your competitor’s top posts?

Rank them and dissect them on the basis of:

  • Post type
  • Social Media Platform
  • Number of Likes
  • Type of Engagement

What type of Content are you planning to develop?

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars

How to analyze the Social Media activities?

  • Analysis
    Know which posts were successful verses which failed to get the traction. Knowing the ‘why’ here is important.
  • Reporting
    Use visual presentation to showcase your result and study the graph.
  • Improvement
    Things that did work take them forward, scrap what didn’t.

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